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The complexity of the IT systems used in many organizations today, the trend towards networking these systems, and the trend in the growth of IT and communication technology makes it imperative for organizations both in public and private sectors to look at their ICT systems and come up with ways to effectively manage those systems in order to minimize risks, deliver value to the business, and maximize returns on ICT investments.

To help organizations achieve these objectives, we offer consultancy services such as the following:

ICT Security Management

Is the data and information you have on your ICT systems safe? Have you put in place adequate measures to protect your information assets? Do your employees know their role in security management?

We can help your organization establish an effective ICT security process to achieve satisfactory level of security and to continuously keep the process current.

ICT Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Every organization can experience a serious incident, which can prevent it from continuing normal operations. This can happen any day at any time as a result of various causes such as computer malfunction, virus attack, vandalism, cyber attack and so on.

Has your organization planned for such scenarios in order to reduce both the risk and impact should such incidents occur?

Our expertise in this area will help your organization to be prepared for disastrous events that can affect its business.

ICT Assets Management

We help organizations establish comprehensive inventory of their ICT assets complete with appropriate systems, policies and procedures to ensure the inventory is maintained current and up to date in order to gain control of the ICT assets; increase accountability; enhance performance of assets and the life cycle management ; and reduce risk through standardization, proper documentation, and loss detection.


ICT Capacity Building

For the ICT function to fulfill its objectives and deliver value to the organization, it is critical to ensure that the right capacity in terms of roles and responsibilities, skills availability, and redundancy, is put in place. We can work with your organization to streamline your ICT function.

ICT Help Desk Setup

We offer services to setup your ICT Help Desk as a centralized function complete with the necessary procedures to log user support calls and take them through the resolution process until the problem is fully addressed to the satisfaction of the user.


Our customers list is not readily available to the public though can be availed on request. The trust and confidence of our clients is our highest priority and we are committed to maintaining the confidentiality of all client information.


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