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Symphony delivers the full service required for the successful adoption of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System. This comprises starting an ERP project from the ground up:

  • scoping of requirements
  • conducting workshops for project definition and justification
  • system and data structures
  • data take-on
  • pilot running
  • parallel and live running
  • project evaluation
  • on-going support and development

A strong project management methodology drives these ERP solutions.

Symphony partners with Sage to offer two solutions that provide the leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems . These solutions assist businesses of various sizes to manage and control their business information.


Sage Line 500

Sage Line 500 offers all the advantages of a tried and tested Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution with the outstanding performance and web capability that is essential for success in today’s competitive business environment.

Whatever industry your business operates in, Sage Line 500 provides the enterprise-wide business information and management control you need to balance increased profitability with delivering consistently high levels of service.

Available on a wide range of operating systems and compatible with a host of industry-leading databases, Sage Line 500 gives mid-range and larger organizations the reliability, scalability and international coverage they must have to stay ahead of their global competitors.

Symphony is the exclusive Partner for Sage Line 500 in Eastern Africa.


Sage 1000

Sage 1000 is a single business management software application designed to span operations across mid-sized businesses.

Sage 1000 can manage your processes across all the following functional areas:

  • Finance, Accounting and Payroll
  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Project Management
  • Sales Management
  • Customer Management, Service & Support
  • Marketing Management
  • Web Access and Self-serve
  • Business Information, Dashboards and Reporting


Moving from Sage Line 500 to Sage 1000

If you are an existing Sage Line 500 customer, you can reap a number of additional benefits from upgrading to Sage 1000.

It is based on the same business logic developed over many years in the Sage Line 500 product in addition to delivering major productivity benefits through workflow, dashboards, customization and customer self-service features.

Symphony is a Sage Business Partner. Sage Business Partners have been trained and accredited to work with you – usually at your premises - to specify, install, configure and support your Sage system. There are times when there is no substitute for face-to-face contact.


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