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The following are some of our major customers and some of the projects we have done for them.

Kenya's National Data Center

Symphony configured and delivered IBM Servers through Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd to the Government of Kenya in the Directorate of eGovernment Office of The President. These were top of the range IBM Power6 p595 Servers, IBM power6 Unix Blade Servers and Intel Blade Servers.

Kenya eGovernment Project (1st Phase)

This is the largest IT Project awarded by the Kenya Government for the last 5 years. It involved the supply of 6,000 PCs, 950 Laptops, 50 IBM Servers, 1550 Printers and 6050 UPSs. This involved installation and commissioning country-wide, warranty for 3 years on all the equipment, complicated logistics, etc. The whole project was completed 13 weeks ahead of schedule. Also 750 Civil Servants were trained comprehensively on Microsoft and Linux. It is anticipated that Phase II of the eGovernment Project will be required in about 24 months time.

The Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority (TCAA)

Symphony supplied, installed and commissioned a Disaster Recovery Solution for TCAA that comprised of 5 IBM servers and IBM DS400 Storage Area Network configured in a clustered environment using VERITAS Volume Replicator software. There are two sites: IPS (TCAA HQ Site) as the Primary Site and JNIA (Julius Nyerere International Airport) as the Second Site.

Central Bank of Kenya

The project was to achieve a maximum four days cheques clearing period, as per the newly intoduced government policy. It involved the supply, installation, and commissioning of Mainframe Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) hardware and software at the Central Bank of Kenya. Symphony subcontracted Advanced Financials System of Oklahoma US, to supply MICR application software, while it supplied hardware sourced through IBM. The complete system was delivered, installed and commissioned in November 2000.

Nairobi Stock Exchange

he project was to replace the Nairobi Stock Exchange's manual trading system with an Automated Trading System (ATS), and to provide a computerised depository and settlement system for the Central Depository and Settlement Corporation (CDSC). It involved the supply and installation of hardware and software for both systems. The ATS and Depository System software was sourced from Millennium Information Technologies of Colombo, Sri Lanka, while Symphony supplied, installed and commissioned the hardware, software and networking infrastructure.

SIMTEL, Rwanda

The project was to set up a national inter-bank electronic payments system, to serve as an authorisation engine for transactions originating from Point of Sale (POS) terminals, Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), and even mobile phones. It involved supplying, installing and commissioning an ATM Switch, including ATM and POS switching software, IBM and Sun servers, Cisco network switches, Oracle database software, IBM desktops, Epson printers, and GE Victron uniterruptible power supplies (UPSs).

Tanzania Railways Corporation

Installation, Training, Customisation and Implementation of an ERP system including the supply of associated hardware. Funded by World Bank, this project involved setting up Sage Line 500 ERP system to cater for TRC’s Finance Management and Materials Management functions. The system was to run on three servers and be used by 100 users spread 7 locations. The distributed system was connected through wide area link to provide head office access to the information available in the stores server. Customisation, and development of additional modules was also carried out. Other project activities involved, supply & installation of 12 Local Area Networks based on LEGEND NT Servers & LEGEND PCs at Dar es Salaam (7 locations), Moshi, Morogoro, Tanga, Tabora & Ilala, Installation & commissioning of Wide Area Network inter-linking the 11 locations to Computer Services Department in Dar es Salaam and Training.

National Bank of Kenya

The project was to replace the semi automated banking system with a real time online banking application in their branches across the country. It involved the Installation, Training, Customization and Implementation of the software running on Wang VS hardware.


Symphony has been a IT Vendor of choice for Safaricom for many years. Symphony has supplied, installed and maintains the most critical IT infrastructure in Safaricom. Our most recent projects with Safaricom has been Supply, Installation and Commissioning of IBM P Series servers for CRM and Pin-Less Top Up Application.

Essar Telecom Kenya Ltd

Essar Telecom is the 4th Mobile Operator in Kenya. Symphony has conceptualized, configured, supplied and commissioned their Data Center. This data center is the nerve center of Essar Telecom' operations. The data center is built on the IBM platform and Symphony maintains this critical installation, 24/7..

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