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We understand that our job is to help our clients get value from investing in ICT, so they can be more successful in their core business.

We realize that our clients do not look at ICT as merely necessary expenditure and in our approach to providing solutions we work with clients to foster close long-term relationships – rather than expecting one-off, arms length deals.

When the client needs exceed our capabilities, we know how to identify, motivate and partner with high quality complementary principals.

We and our partners support multiple technologies and products. This enables us to assemble and support the right customer/problem centred solutions, rather than just selling what we have.

Our approach towards our customers encompasses our values:

  • Service to customers
  • Trust
  • Teamwork
  • Quality & operational efficiency
  • Focused
  • Creative & innovative
  • Respect for the individual


Our Strengths

A unique depth of experience and breadth of skills

  • Combined technical experience of over 2,000+ man-years
  • Strong academic qualifications and industry certifications
  • Professionals in systems consultancy, analysis and design – including needs and cost-benefit analysis, and solution mapping; data base design, implementation and administration; and project management and execution methodology and implementation
  • Industry specific knowledge and experience in manufacturing, distribution, telecom banking and government.
  • Technical expertise in operating systems, database and applications software
  • Field experience in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions
  • Heavily involved with Internet-based technology and collaboration solutions such as messaging, workflow, document management, and vertical and horizontal web portal design
  • Consultancy in IT strategy, change management, IT functional audit and performance management


Our service delivery capacity

We continue to refine our service delivery capacity by focusing on the three pillars of our service delivery model:

Delivery Capacity

Our objective is to meet the highest competency requirements, so as to maintain complex systems in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Our core product skills

Our technical services focuses on developing and maintaining the highest level and a suitable blend of skills in core infrastructure products, enabling us to undertake the most intricate and demanding maintenance service jobs. To discharge our obligations to our clients, we have a total of 32 technical professionals in Kenya alone through whom we have maintained our position as an accredited service center for all ranges of our core products categories, including:

  • Servers infrastructure - SUN, IBM
  • Pcs, Notebooks - Lenovo, Legend
  • System and database software - AIX, Solaris, Windows, Oracle, Informix, SQL Server
  • Printers - Lexmark, HP
  • UPS Back-up Systems - General Electric, APC, Tripplite
  • LAN and WAN devices - CISCO, BICC, Siemon, Panduit Cabling Standard,Huawei
  • Enterprise products and cloud - Security software encryption
  • Business software - Lotus Domino, Websphere, Cognos, iLogi, Tivoli
  • Document Management Systems


Our service scope

Our customers are spread all over Eastern Africa. To serve them well, we continue to strengthen our service presence:

  • Nationally, through our other branch in Mombasa, we cater for our coastal clients.  Our service personnel are deployed throughout all the other main towns of Kenya.
  • Regionally, through our own regional branch subsidiaries in Uganda, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Burundi and Ethiopia.

Our Partners

IBM partner Lenovo
Lexmark VMWare
Microsoft Symnatec
GE Sage
Acer Cisco
Dell Cisco